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Quick start

Quick Start Guide


Quick Start Guide

Begin by powering up your JordiLight with the provided USB-C cable. Locate the charging port on the side, protected by a dust cover, ensuring your light is ready for any adventure.



Easily activate your JordiLight by pressing and holding the power/mode button for a brief 3 seconds, witnessing the vibrant power-on sequence illuminate your path.


The power ON pattern

Once powered on, JORDILIGHT will show the power ON pattern as shown above.

Also, JORDILIGHT's status LED will turn on and show white.

JORDILIGHT's status LED will indicate:

  • Solid White - JORDILIGHT is ON

  • Solid Red - JORDILIGHT's battery is low

  • Flashing Red - JORDILIGHT is charging

  • Solid Green - JORDILIGHT is fully charged

  • Solid Blue - JORDILIGHT is connected via Bluetooth

  • Solid Purple - JORDILIGHT is connected via Bluetooth and its battery is low


Switch Modes

By pressing the Power / Mode button you can cycle through JORDILIGHT's modes. JORDILIGHT by default has 8 preprogrammed modes and 1 custom mode slot which is populated with a sample custom mode. The pre-programmed modes are:

  • High Brightness (Default 75%)

  • Medium Brightness (Default 40%)

  • Low Brightness (Default 12%)

  • SOS Emergency Mode

  • Party Mode

  • Scanner Mode

  • Compass Mode

  • Navigation Mode (Navigation mode is not active unless a heading is set using the mobile app)


Changing Colors

By pressing the Color / Options button, you can cycle through the JORDILIGHT's colors. By default, JORDILIGHT comes with three colors stored. Using the mobile app, you can save up to nine colors. Pressing and holding the Color / Options button, JORDILIGHT will show the battery indicator.


Lock the touch function

Secure your settings quickly by double-pressing the Color/Options button. This action locks the touch functionality, ensuring your selected LED configurations remain unchanged, whether all are turned on or specific ones are left off. This feature is designed for those moments when you've tailored the lighting to your exact needs and wish to prevent accidental adjustments.


Unlock the touch function

Regain control over your LED settings effortlessly by double-pressing the Power/Mode button. This action reactivates the touch functionality, allowing you to adjust your LEDs with a simple touch. Designed for convenience, this feature ensures you can swiftly modify lighting configurations to adapt to new situations or preferences.


Pair Multiple JordiLight's together

Easily initiate pairing mode on your JordiLight by simultaneously quick-pressing the Power/Mode and the Options/Color buttons. Upon activation, nearby devices become visible as white LEDs on your JordiLight, indicating they are available for connection.

Establishing a Connection: Select a device by tapping its corresponding white LED; a successful connection turns the LED blue, signifying a bond between your JordiLight and the chosen device. This connection enables action mirroring, allowing the second JordiLight to replicate the first's actions, enhancing your lighting setup's versatility. Note, however, this mirroring excludes compass or navigation modes for focused functionality.

Disconnecting Devices: To sever the connection, simply quick-press the Power/Mode and Options/Color buttons once more and tap the blue LED. The LED will shift to red, marking the device's disconnection and restoring independent operation to each JordiLight, ensuring you have complete control over your device's connectivity and interactions.


Turn off

To turn off JORDILIGHT, press and hold the Power / Mode button for 3 seconds until the power off pattern shows on the device as above.

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