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JordiLight Support Hub

JordiLight Support Hub

Welcome to the Support Hub: Instant AI assistance for your lighting needs. Get quick help with features, troubleshooting, or product selection anytime. Let's brighten your day with swift support!

How to Use the Main Dashboard

After you have made your selection, you will proceed to the main dashboard. There are four options:

  • Bluetooth / Power Indicator

  • SOS Panic Button

  • Menu Button

  • Bluetooth

  • Navigate

  • Light

  • Power

Bluetooth / Power Indicator

This feature acts as a smart interface element on the JordiLight dashboard, dynamically adapting to the connection status of your JordiLight device and its power level.

Before Connection:

  • Display: A Bluetooth icon is visible, signaling that no JordiLight device is currently paired.

  • Function: Tap the icon to open the Bluetooth connection page, where you can easily pair your JordiLight device.

After Connection:

  • Display: The Bluetooth icon is replaced with a power meter, indicating the current battery percentage of the connected JordiLight.
    Function: Tapping the power meter toggles the display between showing battery percentage and voltage, providing a comprehensive view of your device's power status.

This intuitive design ensures seamless interaction, allowing you to quickly connect to your JordiLight and monitor its power with just a tap.

SOS Panic Button

The JordiLight dashboard features a panic button that, when pressed, presents a popup for immediate action: slide to "Send Now" for alerting emergency contact (Set emergency contact in the settings menu) or "Cancel" to dismiss. This efficient design ensures quick decision-making in emergencies, blending seamless functionality with safety.


Easily pair your JordiLight by pressing the Bluetooth button at the dashboard's bottom. This action directs you to the Bluetooth page, where nearby and activated JordiLight devices are listed for a hassle-free connection.


Tapping on the Navigate button launches the app's navigation screen. Here, you can set a precise heading for your JordiLight, ensuring you stay on your desired path during adventures.


The Light control page, accessible via a dedicated button, functions as a remote for your JordiLight. It enables you to:

  • Switch all LEDs on or off instantly.

  • Selectively manage individual LED states.

  • Adjust the light's color through a user-friendly color wheel or modify stored colors via a long press on any color slot, leading to a Color Editor popup. Access to additional color slots and custom modes is available through in-app purchases.

The Light control page is only accessible when a JordiLight device is connected via Bluetooth, ensuring direct interaction for lighting adjustments.

Access the Mode Screen
Swiping the Light screen to the left opens the Mode screen, where you can enable or disable pre-programmed or custom mode slots. This screen also offers the capability to create or edit new custom modes. Once crafted, these modes can be saved to your available custom mode slots and transmitted to your JordiLight device for immediate use, enhancing your lighting experience with personalized settings.


The Power button offers a straightforward way to turn off your JordiLight. Once powered down, reactivation requires manual intervention using the device's power/mode button, emphasizing a design focused on user control and power conservation.

At the top right of the screen, there is a menu icon.
Selecting the menu icon will open a new screen with the following options:

  • Login or Create Account

  • Settings

  • Store

  • Support

Note: Login or Create Account will change to Profile if you already have an account created within the JORDILIGHT app.

If you have created an account, the top will display your profile picture and username. If you are in guest mode, the avatar will be a silhouette and JORDLIGHT will appear as the username below it.
Within the Profile option, you can edit your name and picture.

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