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JordiLight Support Hub

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How to Use Light Control

Light control lets you control all of your JORDLIGHT’s light options. The default light option will show the pure white color in the upper left of the screen.

The following options are possible on this screen:

  • Select the All On button to turn on all the lights

  • Select the All Off button to turn off all the lights

  • Select individual lights by selecting a number between 1 to 19

  • Turn on groups of lights by running your finger across the numbers you want to light up

  • Select from a range of colors by using the color circle or from the nine colored boxes below the color circle

  • Edit colors by holding your finger down on a color. This will bring up a new screen with the edit color option (see How to Edit Colors for more information)

  • Change the brightness level by sliding your finger along the brightness slider; to the left will lower the brightness, and to the right will increase the brightness

  • You may select from seven different modes at the bottom of the screen

  • You may slide the screen at the bottom to the left to open up the Mode Control screen
    The Modes are as follows:

  • Full Brightness

  • Low Brightness

  • Half Brightness

  • Party

  • Compass

  • SOS

  • Scanner

Select a mode and save it. When you save a mode, this will be the default mode when you turn on your JORDILIGHT. For example, selecting the Low Brightness option will keep the lights at the lowest brightness when you turn your JORDILIGHT on each time.

Each brightness level is pre-set to a percentage above in the brightness slider. This can be customized to your preference by sliding your finger along the brightness slider to a new percentage.

Note that if Party Mode is selected, the brightness level cannot be changed.

Note that to see all the light options, you will need to purchase all the light options in the JORDILIGHT store.

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