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JordiLight Support Hub

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How to Synchronize More than One JORDILIGHT

Pair JORDILIGHT or a group of them together within range by quick-pressing both the power/mode and color/options buttons at the same time. Once the LEDs turn on with a white color this means they are not connected but are available to connect. You can tap on the LEDs corresponding to each additional device to synchronize them.

The LEDs will turn blue when they are connected. Repeat the process to disconnect. Touch the blue LEDs to disconnect the connected JORDILIGHTs. To confirm they are disconnected, the LEDs will turn red.

If only one red LED is showing this means that the device didn’t find any available JORDILIGHTs in range with which to connect.

Connect up to four JORDILIGHTs together in synchronization.

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