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JordiLight Support Hub

JordiLight Support Hub

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How to Edit Colors

To edit saved colors on the device, first hold the color slot you want to edit from Light control page just under the color wheel. That will open the color editor.

The following options are available in color editor:

  • A white circle in the upper left corner

  • A black circle in the upper right corner

  • A color wheel in the middle

  • Four slider bars

    To change to pure white, select the white circle in the upper left corner. Note that this clears the levels in the red, green, and blue sliders and has level 255 on the fourth slider. You will also see a color code, below and to the right of the sliders. In the case of pure white, the color code is fffffff.

To no longer have the choice of the color you are editing, choose the black circle in the upper right corner. By selecting this circle, the color will no longer be accessible from the JORDILIGHT device using the color/options button. Note that all the levels on the slider will now show zero. The color code is 000000. You may repeat this process to eliminate the option of colors you don’t want your JORDILIGHT to have.

You may also change the color by using the color wheel in the center of the screen.
Hit the save button to save this edit or the cancel button to cancel your edits.

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