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JordiLight Support Hub

JordiLight Support Hub

Welcome to the Support Hub: Instant AI assistance for your lighting needs. Get quick help with features, troubleshooting, or product selection anytime. Let's brighten your day with swift support!

How to Create a Custom Mode

  1. Hit the + button under Custom Modes. You will be taken to a new screen

  2. From the color wheel, tap the color you want or from the options below the color wheel

  3. Select the numbered LEDs you want the color to be. Note, to select all LEDs, slide your finger down from number one to nineteen, at a slow and constant pace

  4. Select the brightness level on the brightness slider

  5. Select your delay time using the slide icon below the brightness slider. *Note, 100 equals one full second or 1 equals one hundredth of a second. The highest option, 240 would equal 2.4 seconds

  6. If happy with your choice, tap the + button to continue building your customized pattern

  7. You may create up to 15 patterns

  8. If unhappy with your creation, tap the trash icon to delete it.

  9. Tap Visualize to see your creation

  10. Tap your phone screen to pause the playback at any time

  11. Tap the back button to go back to your customization screen

  12. To save your creation, tap Save.

  13. In the popup window, give your custom mode a name

  14. When happy with your name, hit save

  15. Hit Send to JL button at the bottom to send the custom mode to your JORDILIGHT

You may also choose to send your custom mode using the airplane icon on the Mode Control screen.

  1. Hit the airplane icon next to your custom mode

  2. Select the black mode slot you want this custom mode to fill

  3. Note that you may only select the slots available based on your in-app purchases

  4. If a mode slot is grey, it is already filled

  5. If you are happy with your mode slot selection, hit the Send button

The pencil icon is to help you edit a custom mode. If you make changes, you will be prompted by a popup window to verify your changes to overwrite the custom mode or rename it as a new custom mode.

The trash can icon allows you to erase a custom mode. A popup window will ask you if you want to delete the selected custom mode. If you want to delete it, select Delete. If you want to cancel this action, hit Cancel.

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